YIC | Datang (Hainan) Officially unveiled in Hainan’s Yangpu




On the morning of November 23, the unveiling ceremony of Datang (Hainan) Offshore Wind Power Investment and Development Co., Ltd. was held in Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Danzhou City.





Li Aihua (Member of the Standing Committee of the Danzhou Municipal Party Committee, Executive Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, Member of the Yangpu Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee), Jia Bingjun (Chairman of Datang Hainan Energy Development Co., Ltd.), and Wang Jianmin (Chief Operating Officer of Hong Kong Airlines of the Yangpu Management Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Yangpu International Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.) attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.


About Datang (Hainan) Offshore Wind Power Investment and Development Co., Ltd.




Datang (Hainan) Offshore Wind Power Investment and Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Datang Hainan Corporation. It was registered in Yangpu Economic Development Zone on November 18, with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. Its business scope covers wind power generation technology services, wind farm-related system research and development, offshore wind power-related system research and development, energy storage technology services, electrical equipment repairs, solar power generation technology services, new energy technology research and development, etc.




The offshore wind power project of the company is located in the Beibu Gulf in the northwest of Danzhou City, Hainan Province, with a total investment of 14.6 billion yuan. It is equipped with two 220-kV offshore booster stations and one onshore centralized control center, with a total installed capacity of 1.2 million kilowatts.


Expected to be put into operation in 2024, the project will generate 3.66 billion kwh of on-grid electricity every year, save 1.1 million tons of standard coal every year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and sulfur dioxide emissions by 2.87 million tons and by 23,000 tons respectively, as well 13,000 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions after completion. Achieving good environmental results, it is of great significance to optimize the energy structure, ensure energy security, and promote economic development.




As the largest offshore wind power project of China Datang Group, the project is also an offshore wind power demonstration project in Hainan Province.







In addition, leading the Hainan offshore wind power industry alliance, Datang (Hainan) is committed to creating an RMB 100 billion marine industry consisting of deep-sea floating wind power bases, offshore green hydrogen energy cycle industries, deep-sea high-end advanced manufacturing industries, and marine economic integration industries, jointly build industrial clusters such as R&D, production, distribution, and after-sales service with upstream and downstream sectors. It strives to build a domestically leading and internationally renowned wind power industry equipment intelligent manufacturing base, offshore wind power related new business model research and development base, and offshore wind power operation and maintenance training base , promoting Danzhou Offshore Wind Power Industrial Park to become a training center, R&D Center, regional maintenance center, and large parts reserve center of Hainan offshore wind power industry, which will play a demonstration role in the integrated construction of the marine industry chain and deep-sea innovative technology research and development, assisting Hainan to be built into an "Ocean strong province".







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