IHFP takes the initiative to build friendships at CIIE


On November 5, 2022, the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. The 5th Expo continued the tradition: a healthy showing from exhibitors and a strong team of buyers ready to do business. 284 of the world’s top 500 enterprises and industry leaders participated in the exhibition. 




Seizing the opportunities presented by the CIIE, on November 5, Zhang Zhe, Executive Vice President of Yangpu International (YIC), led the investment promotion team from YIC’s Health Food Business Division to make full use of the platform to effectively further its investment promotion efforts. YIC’s in-depth cooperation partner, the China Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products (CCCFNA), arranged introductions, aiding YIC in accurately targeting and connecting with the top 500 enterprises and industry champions in the health food field participating in the Expo. All in all, the team engaged in six rounds of discussion, where they actively promoted investment in the International Health Food Port (IHFP). 







The team’s first stop, led by Yu Lu, Vice President of CCCFNA, was at the booth of New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra. They talked with Zhou Dehan, CEO of Fonterra Greater China, and discussed topics such as the development of China’s dairy market and global dairy industry innovation. 




Zhou Dehan, CEO of Fonterra Greater China, said that as the world’s largest dairy exporter, Fonterra hopes to share more high-quality dairy products from New Zealand with customers, partners, and consumers in China. This has been the Group’s unwavering commitment and vision over the past 50 years of market cultivation in China. In the future, Fonterra hopes to strengthen its cooperation and linkage with the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP) and Danzhou-Yangpu Economic Circle (DYEC) and actively promote the holding of large-scale industry activities such as dairy forums in Hainan. 



Nestlé & Wyeth Nutrition


Next, the YIC team visited the booth of Nestlé Group, one of the world’s top 500 food and beverage giants in 2022. Nestlé Group brought eight business units and more than 300 best-selling products from 16 countries worldwide to the Expo, including Wyeth Nutrition. Wyeth is a pioneer and leader in the field of infant nutrition. At the Expo, Wyeth exhibited several infant nutrition products, covering segments such as A2 maternal milk, organic milk, and allergy prevention products. 




Zhang Chao, general manager of Public Affairs at Nestlé (China) Co., Ltd., said that Nestlé Group is closely following the construction of the Hainan FTP. Policies such as zero-tariff value-added processing have attracted many food enterprises to invest in the FTP. Nestlé (China) is looking forward to more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Hainan. 





The YIC team then visited the Arla booth to chat with Alexander, the head of Arla Asia. 




As the world’s largest organic dairy producer, Arla has 60 production bases worldwide and sells to 152 countries and regions. In China, the Arla brand hopes to boost the population’s health with natural and organic nutrition and help consumers pursue healthier and happier lives. 





DanoneThe YIC team made Danone, one of the world’s most successful health food companies in 2022, their fourth stop. They sat down for talks with Niu Lei, Director of Government Affairs at Danone Asia Pacific (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.


During the discussion, Zhang Zhe, Executive Vice President of YIC, introduced the preferential policies of the Hainan FTP and DYEC. He said that high-end food processing is one of the key high-tech industries that will be developed in Hainan during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. He welcomed the Danone Group to witness for itself the vitality of the Hainan FTP as a new center for reform and opening-up and explore investment and business opportunities. 


Niu Lei said, “Danone Group has been closely following the Hainan FTP’s policy developments. We hope to continue maintaining close contact with YIC and conduct on-site investigation and research as soon as possible. In doing so, we can jointly explore the direction of future cooperation and find out how best to adapt our company’s advantages to Hainan’s high-end food processing industry to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.” 




Following their stop at Danone, the team toured the booth of Brazil’s JBS Group, one of the world’s top 500 meat processing enterprises in 2022, and held discussions with its on-site representative.


YIC’s team gave JBS’s representative a thorough introduction to the DYEC’s policies and regional and industrial advantages, especially the preferential policies of zero-tariff value-added processing and the double top tax rate of 15%. The team said that the construction of the IHFP matches closely with JBS Group’s main business and hoped that the two sides could deepen communication and work to build the IHFP together. 



French Agriculture and Food Commission (CAFC) 


For their sixth stop, the team visited the French agricultural products exhibition area and held talks with Li Bei, the chief representative of the CAFC in China. The two sides jointly discussed France’s dairy products, imported fruits, and other lines of agri-food business in China. They hoped that the two sides could further strengthen communication and interaction, fully engage the global business layout, development advantages, and resource endowments of the CAFC, and carry out exchanges and cooperation with the Hainan FTP.



Following their visits to various booths during the daytime, that night, the YIC team was invited to participate in the “Sinopharm Night” dinner meeting organized by the Sinopharm Group. At the dinner meeting, Sinopharm shared notes with its global partners. YIC, one of the pharma giant’s partners, had an in-depth conversation with Sinopharm about its projects in the DYEC, with the two exchanging their opinions on the future development of the projects and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. 


The focus of the team’s visit to the CIIE to carry out investment promotion activities on behalf of the IHFP was to bring investment promotion work for the fourth quarter to a close while furthering discussion on upcoming projects and potential future projects and striving to hit the ground running in 2023. 




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