Hainan Offshore Wind Prospects Bring Fresh Opportunities to DYEC





On the morning of September 26, 2022, the Hainan Offshore Wind Power Industry Investment Promotion Conference was held in Haikou City, the capital of southern China's Hainan Province. Wang Min, Deputy Mayor of Danzhou Municipal People's Government, and Wang Jianmin, Chief Operating Officer of Port and Shipping of Yangpu Management Committee, led the team attending the conference. Zhang Qingyi, Chief Technology Officer of Yangpu International Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. (YIC), delivered a keynote speech entitled "Danzhou-Yangpu Economic Circle Offshore Wind Power Industry Development Opportunities".




Zhang Qingyi mentioned that vigorously developing offshore wind power is an essential step for Hainan to promote the realization of the 'dual carbon goals'. The DYEC (Danzhou-Yangpu Economic Circle) has landed two major projects so far - the Shenergy Electric Wind Power New Energy Equipment Industry and the Yangpu Offshore Wind Power Industrial Park. Relying on Hainan FTP (Free Trade Port) policy, geographical, and industrial resource advantages, as well as the integration of Danzhou and Yangpu, the development of the offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry has broad prospects. These two projects form a powerful alliance characterized by the collaboration of industrial chain integration and a global-facing partnership based in the DYEC. They are also representing concrete measures by the DYEC in thoroughly implementing the spirit of the instructions President Xi Jinping gave during his inspection of Yangpu. The dual-cycle strategy and the actual practice of serving to guarantee the national energy supply will help the DYEC cultivate a new development momentum, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and play an active role in building the third pole of high-quality development of the Hainan FTP.

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